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'Azalea' Review on Fringes of Sound...

'Azalea' by Bagaski, the final release of 2023 on See Blue Audio and a new album from the Berlin-based artist, reviewed by Laus Haur on the Fringes of Sound music blog covering the latest in independent experimental, ambient, noise, and other music that falls well outside the mainstream.

This is an album which unexpectedly came out of nowhere. Nothing is ever quite what it seems with Bagaski, but what this new release shares with its predecessors is an intense atmosphere, abstract and atonal sounds, a passion for spontaneity and improvisation, the sonic possibilities of the synthesizer, and a fascination with hidden codes and secret numerology. With its harsh tones contrasted by a bright spectrum of sound, ‘Azalea’, also makes the perfect winter offering as the year draws to a close and the cold begins to bite. Out now on See Blue Audio.


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