• Matthew Duffield

'Blue Roofs' Recommended on Ambientblog...

Peter van Cooten recommends 'Blue Roofs' by NRV on his Ambientblog selections alongside releases by Katharina Schmidt and Deepspace.

Two extended sonic sketches based around everyday life from the drone/ ambient producer based in Sendai in Japan. A musical philosophy of soft simplicity; finding inspiration in everyday life and locations, which in turn give rise to emotional spaces. The 20-minute title track is sublimely graceful, a slow-moving beatless river punctuated by fragments of field recordings and microscopic glitches, while the accompanying track, ‘Sombra’, is a little shorter in length, and complements and contrasts its partner with a more pastoral, optimistic feel. As ‘Blue Roofs’ immaculately captures, nothing is truly ordinary, and everything has its rightful place in the universe and beyond.