• Matthew Duffield

f5point6 and Night Sky Pulse on DJ BLeeK's 'Urban Mutant' Show...

'TerraForming' by f5point6 and 'Vacuum-Packed Hero' by Night Sky Pulse included on the latest 'Urban Mutant' show with a guest mix from Sulk Rooms on Hollow Earth Radio (KHUH 104.9 FM Seattle). Broadcasting from the Pacific Northwest, 'Urban Mutant' is a weekly session of dark ambience and haunted music presented by DJ BLeeK.

'TerraForming' is from 'A Matter of Light and Depth', a full-length album of cinematic music from R.Cleveland Aaron that re-examines the world around us and operates as a form of storytelling transporting us to new destinations. Twelve finely sculpted, while also intensely personal, tracks that move through multiple shades, moods and tones. A reflection on where humanity is right now... how do you see the future? 'Vacuum-Packed Hero' is from 'Superlunar Lounge', the cinematic guise of John Sellekaers, and a journey into twisted beats, breaks and basslines, but with a retro vibe, and all fused together with electro, exotica and cosmic easy listening. Both are out now on See Blue Audio.

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