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  • Matthew Duffield

f5point6 interviewed on Fringes of Sound...

Multidisciplinary artist R.Cleveland Aaron, otherwise known as f5point6, interwiewed by Lars Haur on the Fringes of Sound social network where he talks about the ideas behind his recent album, 'A Matter of Light and Depth', and much more. Fringes of Sound is dedicated to covering independent experimental, ambient, neoclassical, IDM and other leftfield kinds of music.

'A Matter of Light and Depth' by f5point6 is a full-length album of cinematic music that re-examines the world around us and operates as a form of storytelling transporting us to new destinations. Twelve finely sculpted, while also intensely personal, tracks that move through multiple shades, moods and tones. A reflection on where humanity is right now... how do you see the future? Out now on See Blue Audio and ‘A Matter of Light and Depth’ is also available in a limited edition cassette version.

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