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  • Matthew Duffield

'Kernel Phase' Released...

'Kernel Phase' by Rhombus Index, the forty-first release on See Blue Audio, is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services, and digital download stores. Five new tracks from the electronic musician based in Halifax, West Yorkshire alongside a series of reimaginings from other artists on the See Blue Audio roster. Combining the new with a reinterpretation of what came before.

Kernel Phase' is an all-embracing experience representing the multitude of shades, tones and influences that constitute the Rhombus Index aesthetic, and a collection of ambient textures and tonality that feels like taking a deep breath of clean, fresh air. As well as a mash-up from the artist himself, Lyli J, f5point6, Thomas Ragsdale's Sulk Rooms, Fragile X and Kuma provide remixes of tracks from the previous two Rhombus Index EPs on See Blue Audio. Embrace the ride.

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