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  • Matthew Duffield

Lyli J on chromasy's Show on RTM.FM...

'Agave' from 'Micro Wanders' by Lyli J, a sound designer, instrumentalist, singer and electronic producer based in Grenoble in France, included on the monthly show of IDM, glitch, leftfield bass, breaks and ambient music hosted by chromasy on the RTM.FM radio station based in based in Thamesmead in South East London. May's show also includes a guest mix from Fragile X.

'Micro Wanders' is an eight-track album of songs that come together to evoke a feeling of daydreaming and the resurgence of memories. An album to immerse yourself in; organic and rooted in the natural world, while also contemplative and, at times, transcendental. Out now on See Blue Audio.

Listen on Mixcloud

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