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'Majjie' Review in Electronic Sound...

'Majjie' by Lyli J, reviewed by Spenser Tomson in issue 113 of Electronic Sound magazine. "The highlight is 'See', a piece that combines sweeping strings with wobbling analogue synth to transcend the verdant landscapes it evokes."

'Majjie' is the landmark fiftieth release on See Blue Audio and welcome return of Lyli J with her second album for the label following 'Micro Wanders' released in May 2022. It creates a musical tapestry that evokes the power of mountains, mystery and magic, and heralds the arrival of spring, while also remaining deeply personal and heartfelt in the way Lyli J brings to all her music. The album is a complete entity in its own right, of course, but the addition of remixes from Arovane, Rhombus Index and cole bring further dimensions of audio expression and emotional energy to the project. As with 'Micro Wanders', this is an album to immerse yourself in; it's a space where nature, magic and inner reflection exist side by side in the awe-inspiring presence of mountains and a celebration of their embrace. 'Majjie' was featured as a New & Notable release on Bandcamp. Out now on See Blue Audio.


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