• Matthew Duffield

Monolith Cocktail Choice Albums of 2021: Part One...

'Choice Albums of 2021: Part One: A Journey of Giraffes to Kuunatic'... The first half of the Monolith Cocktail contemplative music blog's favourite albums of the year covering A-K. See Blue Audio is represented by Bagaski with 'Final'.

'Final' is ten tracks of synthesizer-based music released in April 2021. 'Spring Prayer' from the album is also included in the accompanying Spotify playlist, while 'The Lander' from the 'Le Crépuscule' EP by Electric Supply Station is included in the 'Monolith Cocktail Monthly: November 2021' Spotify playlist.

Monolith Cocktail

Spotify playlist ('Choice Albums of 2021: Part One')

Spotify playlist ('Monolith Cocktail Monthly: November 2021')