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  • Matthew Duffield

Monolith Cocktail Recommended Releases...

'Perusal #19'... Dominic Valvona includes 'See the World Anew Vol. 1' by Steve Hadfield and 'Flow' by Simon McCorry in his short roundup of recommended releases on the peripheral from September 7 on the Monolith Cocktail contemplative music blog. 'See the World Anew Vol. 1': "A sensitive, often mysterious, but always interestingly serene start to a period of renewed reflection and discovery."

'Flow': "Deep yet translucent, McCorry’s stream of conscious ambience has both weight and a mirage-like quality. It's yet another angle, a side to his craft; a most appealing, entranced and mystical work of airy suspense and investigation."

Monolith Cocktail

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