• Matthew Duffield

On the Fringes of Sound – Bagaski Reviewed...

'Rounding the Fringes'... Lars Haur reviews 'Praeludium' by Bagaski in his July 5 roundup of upcoming releases and previews on the On the Fringes of Sound music blog "Shining a light on the otherwise obscure."

'Praeludium' is a twelve-track album of synthesizer-based music inspired by spontaneity and obscure codes from the Berlin-based producer. A continuation of the unique Bagaski perspective on lo-fi, exotica, vaporwave, synth noise, cold wave electronics and experimental soundscapes, ‘Praeludium’ is abstract and atonal, while also being profoundly personal. See Blue Audio is thrilled to be able to present ‘Praeludium’ to the world and complete a body of work from Bagaski.

On the Fringes of Sound