• Matthew Duffield

OTO Radio: See Blue Audio Special...

The OTO Radio show first broadcast on October 21 was a See Blue Audio special featuring 'A Song for T (Cicadas)' by Lyli J, 'Resorts and Clinics' by Night Sky Pulse, 'Eclesiastic Geology' by Kuma, 'In Pursuit of Efficiency' by f5point6, and an excerpt from 'Blue Roofs' by NRV.

The Mixcloud version of the show also includes 'Wonder' by Bagaski. OTO Radio is a weekly show of alternative music from around the world presented by Sendai-based musician and producer Nerve (NRV/antennasia) broadcasting every Friday 21:30-22:00 on the Radio3 FM76.2MHz community station in Sendai, Japan. 'Eclesiastic Geology' by Kuma is taken from the album, 'You Cannot Cheat the Muse', forthcoming on See Blue Audio.

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