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Preview: 'Mutual Expression'...

'Mutual Expression' by Rhombus Index + f5point6 (SBA 053): a collaboration between two mainstays of the See Blue Audio roster. For the second in the series of three f5point6 releases, R.Cleveland Aaron joins forces with Rhombus Index.

‘Mutual Expression’ is a project based around shared methodologies and ideas, while still retaining their individual aesthetics. Beats of multiple variations provide the foundation of the album. Layered above are a swirling maze of sonic textures, sometimes with almost wafer-thin delicacy, at others with the emotionally charged energy of the dancefloor. The results are spectacular in every aspect and a tribute to the power of respect and trust. Its radiant musical eloquence is also the perfect way to embrace the arrival of summer. 'Mutual Expression' is also available in a limited edition cassette version. Release date: 12 July 2024.


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