• Matthew Duffield

Night Sky Pulse on 'Empatía' from ARPA AM/DJ...

'Overgrowth' by Night Sky Pulse and 'Spinor' by Rhombus Index as the opening track included on 'Empatía', an eclectic session mix by ARPA AM/DJ from Alaior, Menorca.

'Spinor' is from the four-track 'Diatom' EP, an exploration of small worlds through sound from the electronic musician based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. 'Overgrowth' is from 'Superlunar Lounge', the cinematic guise of John Sellekaers, and a journey into twisted beats, breaks and basslines, but with a retro vibe, and all fused together with electro, exotica and cosmic easy listening. Both are out now on See Blue Audio.

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