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  • Matthew Duffield

See Blue Audio on 'It Came From Enclosure Three'...

Label of the month... 'It Came From Enclosure Three Ep. 37' presented by DJ SpaceTerrapin and first broadcast on April 24 featured a label portairt of See Blue Audio. 'It Came From Enclosure Three': a weekly show of the weird, the eerie and the nonsensical on the Mad Wasp Radio online station.

The hour-long showcase includes tracks from Mink Freud, f5point6, Fragile X, Bagaski, Versylen, Night Sky Pulse and Steve Hadfield, while the label founder selects 'Hawksmoor' by Mink Freud, 'Cold Sleet on Old Slate' by Isolated Community and 'Axiom' by Rhombus Index as three highlights from the label with accompanying reflections. It came from... Enclosure Three.

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