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'Seasons Beyond the Ashes' Released...

'Seasons Beyond the Ashes' by NRV, a new eight track drone/ambient album from the Japanese electronic musician and producer, is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services, and digital download stores.

Taking its inspiration from the four seasons and the healing properties of nature, 'Seasons Beyond the Ashes' features eight short tracks dedicated to the eternal cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter with two for each season. Based around field recordings and tape sound effects, this is a subtle and sublime musical meditation on the continuous flow of the seasons, and how they can bring comfort and contrast to the fast-paced modern world. ‘Seasons Beyond the Ashes' is both a beacon of hope for the artist and those of us who share his concerns, sensitivities and dreams. 'Seasons Beyond the Ashes' is also available in a limited edition cassette version.


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