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  • Matthew Duffield

See Blue Audio Preview – 'Kernel Phase'...

'Kernel Phase' by Rhombus Index (SBA #041), five new tracks from the electronic musician based in Halifax, West Yorkshire alongside a series of reimaginings from other artists on the See Blue Audio roster. Combining the new with a reinterpretation of what came before.

'Kernel Phase' is an all-embracing experience representing the multitude of shades, tones and influences that constitute the Rhombus Index aesthetic, and a collection of ambient textures and tonality that feels like taking a deep breath of clean, fresh air. As well as a mash-up from the artist himself, Lyli J, f5point6, Thomas Ragsdale's Sulk Rooms, Fragile X and Kuma provide remixes of tracks from the previous two Rhombus Index EPs on See Blue Audio. Embrace the ride. Release date: 16 December 2022.

SoundCloud preview

Bandcamp pre-order

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