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  • Matthew Duffield

'Shade Rather Than Light: Anthology | One' Released...

The compilation 'Shade Rather Than Light: Anthology | One' representing two years of See Blue Audio and the sixteenth release on the label, including 'Dream Catcher' by Gabriel Slick, RoboCrafting Material and a continuous DJ mix from Fragile X, is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services, and digital download stores.

One track from each of the first 15 releases to represent the full spectrum of music on the label with ‘Dream Catcher’ as the sixteenth track on the sixteenth release. At times dramatic and at others dreamlike, the meticulously crafted and immersive 'See Blue Audio Anthology One Mix' from Fragile X, suffused with re-edits and effects, traces the evolution of the label. One for the headphones for sure.

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