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  • Matthew Duffield

'Shade Rather Than Light: Anthology | Two' Trailer...

Trailer for the 'Shade Rather Than Light: Anthology | Two' compilation representing the second cycle of See Blue Audio, including 'Spring Prayer (Leit Motif 'Dawn Chorus' Remix)' by Bagaski and a continuous DJ mix from Fragile X. One track from each of the previous 15 releases to represent the full spectrum of music on the label with this exclusive reimagining as the sixteenth track on the thirty-second release.

Using his Leit Motif minimalist guise, Fragile X has transformed 'Spring Prayer' into an extended ambient excursion that's simultaneously a joyous celebration of nature and a pause for inner reflection. Release date: 11 March 2022.

SoundCloud preview

Bandcamp pre-order

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