• Matthew Duffield

Steve Hadfield and Lyli J on TRIP FM, Triplicate Records...

'Seahorse' by Steve Hadfield and 'Anahata' from 'Micro Wanders' by Lyli J included on the July TRIP FM mix. Curated by Triplicate Records from Richmond, Illinois, TRIP FM is a monthly showcase of new music from the underground ambient electronic scene.

'Seahorse' is from 'See the World Anew Vol. 2', the next instalment in another reflective series of his distinctive fusion of ambient/modern classical and glitchy electronics. This second volume is a six-track collection based around the might of the sea; in particular, the vast oceans and the creatures that dwell within their depths. As with volume one, 'See the World Anew Vol. 2' is an invitation to look at the world in a new light. 'Micro Wanders' is an eight-track album of songs that come together to evoke a feeling of daydreaming and the resurgence of memories. An album to immerse yourself in; organic and rooted in the natural world, while also contemplative and, at times, transcendental. Both are out now on See Blue Audio.

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