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  • Matthew Duffield

Steve Hadfield and Simon McCorry on 'Strange Waves'...

Simon Klee includes 'Mesosphere' by Steve Hadfield and 'Flow 03' by Simon McCorry on 'Strange Waves #9', a monthly mix from 'Anticipating Nowhere' and 120 minutes of uninterrupted experimental, electronic, drone, noise, kosmische, field recordings, sound art and psychedelia, first broadcast on CAMP Radio in the French Pyrenees on August 11.

'Mesosphere' is from 'See the World Anew Vol. 1', release date: 27 August 2021, and 'Flow 03' is from 'Flow, release date: 10 September 2021.

Listen on Mixcloud SoundCloud preview ('See the World Anew Vol. 1)'

Bandcamp pre-order ('See the World Anew Vol. 1')

SoundCloud preview ('Flow')

Bandcamp pre-order ('Flow')

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