• Matthew Duffield

Steve Hadfield on 'It Came From Enclosure Three'...

'Orbit' by Steve Hadfield included on 'It Came From Enclosure Three Ep. 39' first broadcast on May 8. DJ SpaceTerrapin presents 'It Came From Enclosure Three': a weekly show of the weird, the eerie and the nonsensical on the Mad Wasp Radio online station.

'Orbit' is from 'See the World Anew Vol. 1' released on See Blue Audio in August 2021. Ambient/modern classical and glitchy electronics: a six-track collection based around the magic of the moon and an imagined journey into the silence of space, and an invitation to look at the world in a new light. 'See the World Anew Vol. 2' will be released on July 8.

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