• Matthew Duffield

Tanti Aglaia on 'Lounge Lock-In'...

'Lounge Lock-in. Fifteenth'... A short excerpt from 'La Mer' by Tanti Aglaia, a standalone longform track from the new musical alias of Somnoroase Păsărele and drawing loose inspiration from Claude Debussy, included on 'Lounge Lock-in', a bi-monthly series of mixes by Darren Giddings of music that didn't make it onto the 'Space Folk Horror Lounge' on FromeFM broadcasting on 96.6FM in Somerset.

Over 37 minutes in length, 'La Mer' is a mesmerising sonic passage through time and tempo, and an exploration of the minimalist but ever-changing landscape of the sea through tonality. Out now on See Blue Audio.

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