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Trailer for 'Together'...

Trailer for 'Together' by Gigi D'Amico: for the second release of 2024, See Blue Audio welcomes a new artist to the label, and the second from Barcelona following D-Fried, with his 'Together’ project and a curveball of raw electronic energy.

To those who know the underground music scene in Barcelona, Gigi D’Amico will be a familiar name. 'Together’ is an art project and multimedia installation, including video and live music, powered by direct human contact in real time, and a tribute to the emigrants risking their lives crossing and sometimes perishing in the Mediterranean Sea. The ‘Together’ album is an expansion of the soundtrack to this project, including additional tracks specially commissioned to reflect the ambient and beatless sensibilities of See Blue Audio. This may sometimes make for uneasy listening, but these are uneasy times. Release date: 9 February 2024.


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