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'I the Storm' Review on Igloo Magazine...

'I the Storm' by Simon McCorry, his third release on See Blue Audio consisting of four beatless compositions of varying length based around asynchronous live looping with the cello, reviewed by Robin B. James on Igloo Magazine, an online magazine based in Southern California and dedicated to electronic music.

"Tragedy is one of the oldest themes or topics for human artistic expression, this album takes us to the center of that kind of storm. The mood is beautifully melancholic." Sounds cascade and circle around each other in a network of loop and delay, sometimes tipping into chaos. The music was not conceived or executed as background ambience; this is not linear or gentle listening. Nothing is hidden, all emotions are raw, and it was designed to be experienced by the listener as such. ‘I the Storm’ is also available in a limited edition cassette version. Out now on See Blue Audio.


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